Construction notes

J6 - raspberry Pi connector

You may may wish to omit connector J6  ... to avoid accidentally plugging the OLED display onto it !

( This would only be harmful if +5v was supplied from J9 rather than from USB)

Flash memory device:   AT45DB041E-SSHN  
This must be the ... SSHN version which has foot print SOIC8 narrow. (the wide ones don't fit!!)

Construction order - testing - suggestions

You can now, if you wish configure the FT245RL's internal EEPORM using FTProg.
This includes entering an identifier string which include the letters 'ENCAT' or ' encat'.

Connect the USB to your PC and start xCAT.

xCAT should now detect and report your FT245RL on the left status bar.
(It will not report EncoderCAT version ... as you haven't installed the processor yet.)

Use xCAT to load one of my encoder configuration files from the PC disc.

If you have no OLED display connected, then uncheck the display box.

Check that you can write it to EncoderCAT and then read it back again.

Do the same for my corresponding Lookup file.

OLED display   - Note that this is updated AFTER a successful transaction with the radio.

... if EncoderCAT is not talking to the radio, then the display will not change.

CI-V connector

The three holes in the PCB are a little larger than needed for the jack socket's pins.
Bend them to the edge of the holes.

Do not flood the holes with excessive solder. I shorted the signal pin by doing this.