EncoderCAT -  Atmel Studio 7 - programming encat.hex

EncoderCAT code is written in the C programming language, using Atmel Studio 7.

Atmel is now owned by MicroChip and so the download of Studio 7 is from a Microchip site:


You do not need to compile enCAT code to program EncoderCAT.  
You can simply program with the pre-built encat.hex.

xCatSetup.exe needs to be run as administrator  (a right mouse click option)

xCatSetup.exe creates folder:  Program Files (x86)\hbradios\xcat

A number of files and folders are placed in this folder including xcat.exe,   xcat.chm, EncoderCAT.pdf.

A subfolder: encatcode is created.  (ie:  C:\Program Files (x86)\hbradios\xcat\encatcode )

In this folder is encat.hex  and zipped EncoderCAT and xCAT source files.

In order to program the EncoderCAT processor with encat.hex:

Note:  - I have have not mentioned fuses because the default settings are OK.