EncoderCAT - JTAG programmer - minimising the cost

A JTAG programmer device is needed to program the ATxmega192A3 using Atmel Sudio 7.

I have two Atmel JTAGICE USB programmers. These work fine but are no longer available.

Atmel's current programmers are available from Farnell, see http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1835727.pdf

The ATATMEL-ICE-BASIC programmer / debugger has case and cables and costs £73.56 +VAT

A lower cost option is the ATATMEL-ICE-PCBA which costs £41.12 + VAT.

This is supplied as just the PCB   (no cables, no case).

In order to be able to recommend a cheaper option for EncoderCAT,  I purchased an  ATATMEL-ICE-BASIC..

The PC USB cable is a standard micro USB cable as used on mobile phones etc.

I made up a programming cable as shown below.

The ATATMEL_ICE  JTAG connector is a 1.27mm  2 x 5 way IDC header.

EncoderCAT's JTAG connector is a 2.54mm 2 x 5 way IDC header.

The two connectors have identical pin layouts.

I made up a cable as follows:

This is shown below  - and works fine.

I can supply short lengths of 0.635mm pitch cable with the PCB.  (The only UK supply that I found was 30m reels)

The complete ATATMEL-ICE PCB in a box is shown below.

USB connection is a familiar micro USB B  (and powers the unit)