xCAT / EncoderCAT notes

IC7000 baud rate

During development for Icom CI-V, when operating at 19200 baud, I noted that the

oscilloscope was failing to properly decode the byte sequences from the IC7000.

The outgoing bytes sequences from EncoderCAT were decoding ok.

The problem turned out to be that my IC7000 is transmitting at 18200 baud!!

- EncoderCAT copes with this but the scope flags errors.

This is an  unexpected type of problem. One expects baudrate to be scaled from a

crystal controlled processor clock.

I telephoned Icom uk.
The engineer was not aware of the problem and could not advise any cause nor cure.

When I explained that I had found internet discussions on IC7000 CAT failure / dropout,
he conceded that it might be a feature.

I added 18200 baud at the bottom of the available baudrate list !!