EncoderCAT - Downloads

xcatsetup.exe is an installer script that will install / update and configure on your PC.

The installer creates C:\Program Files (x86)\hbradios\xcat

This folder contains xcat.exe,   xcAT.chm (help file)   xCAT.pdf (pdf version of help)
and also subfolders contain source code.

Download links:

xcatsetup.exe                        http://encat.g3vpx.net/updater/xcatsetup.exe

xcat source code                http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/xcat-source.zip

EncoderCAT source code        http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encat-source.zip

EncoderCAT website as pdf        http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encodercat.pdf

EncoderCAT schematic        http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encat-schematic.pdf

EncoderCAT PCB layout        http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encat-pcb.pdf

EncoderCAT parts list                http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encat-bom.pdf

EncoderCAT hex and ini files        http://encat.g3vpx.net/files/encatfiles.zip

( xcatsetup.exe also places these in C;\Program files (x86)\EncoderCAT\files )

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xcatsetup.exe needs to be 'run as administrator' because it places files and folders

in C:\Program files (x86).  

('Run as administrator' is a file right mouse option in Window explorer)

Anti virus software

The software is virus checked with AVG before uploading.

However, the running of xcatsetup.exe and xcat.exe may be delayed by your
antivirus software.

My PCs use AVG Internet Security etc.

When I first ran xcat.exe on a second machine, it initially failed to run properly
and an error message box reporting unfound Windows Classes appeared.
An AVG popup window indicated that this was because xcat.exe was a 'rare' program.
AVG was clearly reacting because of no previous encounters with the program.

The file appeared to be copied off-site to AVG for checking.
After about 30 seconds, a message can back from AVG saying that there was no
problem   - the program was allowed to run.

This process might take longer with a slower broadband connection.

(Mine is 400 Mbits/sec download and 30 Mbits/sec upload)

If this happens recurrently, then you need to follow the instructions to have the program
accepted as ok by your anti-virus software

11.06.2020 - Testing xcatsetup.exe... AVG anxious  .. blocked  ,,,off- site analysis
Ten minutes later a message was returned saying there was nothing wrong with it!  - Ran ok.

It's a big file - maybe AVG worries about the size.  

I removed the PDF (you can download it separately from this page)
AVG was then happy with a 15 second local scan.