xCAT and EncoderCAT source code

The latest zipped source code is automatically loaded by xcatsetup.exe
into folder:  C:\Program files (x86)\EncoderCat\xcat\encatcode
Itis also downloadable from the encat.g3vpx.net website.  See Downloads

xCAT source code

xcat.exe  is built using  Borland Dephi 6.
Although of year 2000, Delphi 6 remains very effective and adequate for xCAT and
generates 32 bit code which works well with Window 10.

Low cost copies of Delphi 6 (or 7) may be available but you need other packages to built xCAT.

It uses the Quantum Grid Suite and MemData from Developer Express and Raize components.

Both of these were purchased by me in year 2000.

So, the source code is provided for information - but you cannot easily build it.

EncoderCAT source code

encat.hex is built using Atmel Studio 7 .... which you have installed to do the programming.

So you can modify and rebuild the code.

Unzip the code (zipped encat folder) into C:\EncoderCAT   ... or any other folder of your choice.
Click on encat.atsln to launch in Atmel Studio 7  (which must be already installed !!)

encat.hex is generated into the ..\release subfolder

encat code uses Atmel supplied interrupt driven drivers for:

Note that the datasheet information on the processor is in two documents: