Icom CI-V   option selectors

Some CI-V commands are simply not suitable for a rotary encoder action.
I have tried to make provision for the user to configure all the commands that are potentially suitable.

The configuration design is unavoidably complicated by the fact that CI-V uses a range of different
command systems as listed in the previous page.

The three selector fields subcom type, read / send and encoder mode provide configuration

support for these different command systems and are detailed below.

My biggest surprise was that BCD coded frequency is sent with least significant byte (LSB)  first,

whereas other BCD coded data has most significant byte (MSB) first !

Icom CI-V  read / send field

read / send = READ & SEND

The read / send field has options:   READ & SEND  and   SEND ONLY.

(There is no use for read-only actions in this encoder unit.)

Most EncoderCAT encoder configurations will be  read - modify - write  where we select  READ & SEND.

The majority of these use subcom type = BCD 6 digit.

Here, sub-command section of the byte sequence is three BCD bytes representing a 5 digit decimal number.

eg: for IC7000 Noise Reduction level: the manual specfifies command = 0x1a, sub-command = 050114.
     You enter 50114 in xCAT's subcom 4 or 6 digit field and EncoderCAT transmits as 0x05   0x01   0x14.

read / send = SEND ONLY

Icom CI-V has unidirectional command types that only send data to the radio.
(The radio responds with a simple 'OK' message ... on receipt of which the OLED display is updated.)

EncoderCAT holds no data to send.

However, the xCAT configuration provides for two useful applications for SEND ONLY.

These provide binary switching between two states by turning the encoder right or left.
They use subcom type = HEX + LEVEL and  read / send = SEND ONLY

     This is shown for encoder 7 in the above window image.  level data = 64  and  step = 191
     It switches RF power between 64 and 255  
     - but we can  use mult and div scaling to make the display show 25% and 100%.( or 25w and 100w )

     See xCAT examples - RF power swirtching

Other 'SEND ONLY' commands with more than two options can similarly be used to switch between two
selected options or values.  eg: IC7000  com = 0x16  subcom = 0x12  AGC  1=Fast  2=Mid  3=Slow.  
                                   With data level = 1 and step = 2 we switch between 1 and 3   ie: Fast and Slow

Icom CI-V  subcom type field

This has already been partly discussed above

It is an option selector with options:

               This could be used for frequency fine adjustment but not really as a main tuner.

                           See xCAT examples Icom - Frequency control

                            eg: for IC7000 Noise Reduction level:
                            the manual specifies command = 0x1a, sub-command = 050114.
                            You enter 50114 in xCAT's subcom 4 or 6 digit field
                            and EncoderCAT transmits as 0x05   0x01   0x14.

Icom CI-V    encoder mode field