xCAT - OLED display options

OLED display panel

EncoderCAT has an optional small OLED display.
The firmware is designed to drive an I2C connected display which conforms to SSD1306 driver specification.

The display identifies the operated encoder and stays with that encoder until another is operated.
For each encoder, the user can configure for the OLED display  (with xCAT) :

My prototype uses a small 128 x 32 pixel monochrome display.
These are available from a number of eBay suppliers and cost approximately £4.00.

The display unit does not contain font data.
I have two proportional font character sets in the firmware:

 - one 16 bits high for the data and one 8 bits high for the description.

I2C address: All the SSD1306 display that I found had address = 0x70
... so this is fixed in the code. If other addresses are encountered, then the code can be changed
   or an address setting field added to the xCAT configuration data.

Display configuration options only affect the display.

They have no effect on the encoder's action on the radio.

xCAT encoder configuration has five fields that control the display:


The scaling calculation is (CAT value) x mult /div

Thus mult = 100 and div = 255   will scale values  0 - 255 to 0 - 100
  (as in the RF power example in  xCAT examples Icom )

The default value for no scaling are mult = 1 and div = 1

Decimal point

Setting decp to a value greater than zero introduces a decimal point in the display.

eg:  3.562300 MHz     decp = 6

     1.8 ms          decp = 1

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